We create bespoke and actionable strategies ready for execution

We make it happen by working closely with executive leadership and operations teams of our clients to transform their net-zero ambitions into reality.

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Our philosophy

We thrive to understand your issues and pain-points to deliver a comprehensive diagnostic on what needs to be changed for your company to better transform and outperform its peers.

Together with you, we scope out the expected deliverables, define the key success factors and performance tracking indicators.

Throughout the project lifecycle, we manage and monitor continuously all these KPIs to ensure a sustainable success.

Verticals and Fields of Intervention

We design end-to-end solutions


The energy transition roadmaps we develop for our clients play out as comprehensive actionable plans to shift from conventional energy sources to cleaner, more sustainable options addressing all emission scopes. They encompass a series of planned steps and milestones that embody our clients visions, goals, and strategies to reduce greenhouse gases emissions, increase energy efficiency, embrace renewable energy sources, and build new competitive market positions.

These roadmaps define the company’s energy transition objectives, which include targets for carbon neutrality, specific renewable energy adoption goals, or increased energy efficiency benchmarks. These objectives should align with the clients sustainability commitments, industry standards, and regulatory requirements. Lastly, we help our clients identify the most suitable technologies and partnerships to fast track the deployment of their energy transition roadmap and maximize value creation through the implementation of novel business models.

We help our clients shift their existing energy infrastructures to hydrogen based systems as a primary or supplementary energy source. Our work includes production, storage and distribution solutions. We focus on all colors and shades of hydrogen, with a focus on green hydrogen and derivatives, such as e-methanol, e-ammonia and other more complex synthetic fuels.

We define and concept-proof new business models to enable Hydrogen Energy at scale, including thorough price benchmarking with other fuel alternatives. Lastly, we support our clients in deploying building blocks of Hydrogen Energy, in particular on the demand side to ensure sustainability of future supply chain.

Carbon Footprint Reduction Planning involves developing a systematic approach to identify, quantify, and reduce the carbon intensity of a client’s product value chain. The goal is to minimize the company’s environmental impact, contribute to climate change mitigation efforts, and enhance sustainability.

This strategy includes conducting a thorough assessment of the company’s carbon footprint, setting out ambitious reduction targets, implementing energy efficiency measures, adopting renewable energy sources, optimizing transportation and logistics, promoting circular economy practices, and engaging suppliers and stakeholders to drive sustainability initiatives. Our work focuses on establishing circular carbon ecosystems, aimed at removing, reducing, recycling, and reusing carbon dioxide.
By prioritizing carbon footprint reduction, companies can mitigate environmental impacts, align with global climate goals, enhance brand reputation, and contribute to a more sustainable future while also potentially benefiting from cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Our Green Mobility Program Management involves overseeing and implementing initiatives to promote and facilitate sustainable transportation options. We identify a range of technology solutions, with different readiness level and map out the optimized combinations of solutions with the transportation pathway in mind. We include multimodal optionality in our assessments to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, and enhance the overall sustainability of the company’s transportation practices.

Green Mobility Program Management encompasses the planning, coordination, and execution of various strategies and initiatives to transition the company’s transportation activities towards greener and more sustainable options. We help our clients define sound go to market strategies and novel value creation mechanisms ensure profitable growth.


Innovation Process Management as an industrial strategy involves implementing a systematic approach to drive and manage innovation within the client’s organization. This includes establishing frameworks, processes, and tools to capture and evaluate new ideas, foster creativity and collaboration, prioritize projects, allocate resources effectively, and ensure efficient execution.

By adopting Innovation Process Management our clients can create a culture of innovation, streamline the development of new products or services, respond to market demands more effectively, and stay ahead of the competition in an ever-evolving business landscape.
We focus on legacy industries that need innovation to change, transform to perform and thrive: steel, aluminum, cement just to name a few.


Sales Channel & e-Commerce as an industrial strategy involves developing and optimizing various sales channels, with a particular emphasis on leveraging digital platforms and e-commerce to reach customers and drive sales.

This approach encompasses establishing and managing online storefronts, optimizing user experience, implementing effective digital marketing strategies, and leveraging data analytics to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences. By embracing this strategy, our clients can expand their market reach, increase customer convenience, improve sales efficiency, and capitalize on the growing trend of online shopping, ultimately driving revenue growth and enhancing competitiveness in the digital marketplace.

Product & Marketing Development as an industrial strategy involves developing and promoting new products and services that meet customer needs and capture market opportunities.

This includes market research to identify customer demands and trends, product ideation and prototyping, rigorous testing and validation, and strategic marketing campaigns to launch and promote the offerings. By focusing on product and marketing development, our clients can effectively differentiate themselves, attract and retain customers, drive revenue growth, and gain a competitive edge in the market

Digital Transformation as an industrial strategy involves the comprehensive integration of digital technologies and processes across all aspects of a company’s operations to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experience.

This strategy entails assessing the organization’s current digital capabilities, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing technologies such as artificial intelligence, automation, cloud computing, data analytics, and IoT to streamline workflows, optimize decision-making, and deliver personalized and seamless digital experiences. By embracing digital transformation, companies can gain a competitive edge, adapt to rapidly changing market conditions, unlock new business opportunities, and achieve sustainable growth in the digital era.

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We combine desktop research and subject matter expertise to develop bespoke market assessments that can be turned into a stage gate processes

Technology assessments

We build decision support financial and technology assessment models to help clients invest or assess the worthiness of a technology


We create strategies, perform technical and business due diligences, financial modelling, business cases, go-to-market strategies, concepts, hydrogen and derivatives based solutions, board meeting reports and presentation materials, project management

Partnership development

We help our clients identify, approach and develop partnerships with like-minded enterprises to develop new solutions, joint developments, commercial alliances or joint ventures

Who we are

We bring 40+ cumulative years of experience in the fields of consulting and executive leadership harnessed in the US, Europe & the Africa, Middle-East regions.

We provide custom-made and cutting edge strategic advisory services to help industrial organizations define and execute transformational projects.

We are committed to deliver an effective and measurable solutions through the involvement of Partners and Senior Managers in your projects.

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